Intended for elite level and club level competitive teams this two-day camp is designed to help teams identify their critical success and performance factors. It is for serious players who desire a higher level of training. Sport science is a big part of the Turning Point curriculum, and our HP camp offers; professional mental skills training sessions, along with information on physical readiness, injury care and prevention, and nutrition for maximum performance. From this teams will learn what it takes to be fully prepared to compete and win.

Donalda is an extremely knowledgeable coach who demonstrates passion and dedication like no other towards the sport of curling. She teaches players how to advance to their highest level of potential and understands the importance of positive energy on and off the ice to aid in achieving the skills necessary for success. She focuses on individual skill level as well as the development of the team as a whole. She is patient, kind, dedicated and competitive, a rare but ideal balance that is unique in a coach.
— Team St. FX, St. Francis Xavier University


  • Strategy & Scoreboard Management

  • Sweeping - Instrumented Broom

  • Video Analysis

  • Player Roles and Responsibilities

  • Team Dynamics

  • Mental Skills Training

  • Physical Readiness

  • Nutrition for Maximum Performance

  • Injury Care and Prevention

Banner image by Andrew Klaver