Coach Advising & Mentorship

Turning Point Curling is excited to announce that starting with the 2019 curling season, we are offering support services directly targeted towards the coaches in our game.

Whether you’re a curling parent taking on the coaching role for the first time this season, or an experienced competitive coach unsure if your team needs more time at competitions, or more solo and team practice - our coaching staff has decades of experience we’d love to share to help you work through your challenges and help you grow in your role as a Coach.

Do you:

  • Need help planning or running your first ever practice?

  • Not know if your players are in the positions that are the best for them?

  • Want a season training plan drawn up for your team?

  • Have an athlete with a technical or delivery issue you’re not sure how to solve?

  • Want to talk to somebody with experience about the traveling and chaperoning Jr athletes?

  • Have any other coaching related questions and just aren’t sure where to take them?

We’ve got hourly rates for these sorts of things!

Would you:

  • Like to have regular video analysis sessions with your team throughout the season to track progress and improvements?

  • Want to have a highly experienced coach available for regular check-ins and calls throughout the season and during events?

  • Like to incorporate sessions with mental performance consultants, nutrition experts, athletic trainers and therapist who are experienced working specifically with curlers into your teams training regiment?

  • Be interested in taking your coaching to the next level to match the performance of your increasingly competitive team?

We can work within your budget to provide season long support and development!

Are you:

  • Having a coaching crisis?

  • Not sure what to do, or how to get your team through a difficult time?

  • Feeling stressed out, or in over your ahead?

  • Having a serious problem with an athlete, parent, or spouse that you don’t know how to handle?

Write down our number, or save it in your phone. We are here to help any Coach that is facing a difficult challenge, any day at any time!

Donalda Mattie, Founder & Head Coach

Turning Point Curling

Mobile: (902) 870-1748