After eight very successful years with the Nova Scotia Curling Association, Turning Point Curling School is branching out. As a privately operated entity, we are now able to offer more diverse programming to our clients, and extend our service to athletes outside of Nova Scotia. Turning Point is a versatile development and performance enhancement training centre for competitive curling teams

In addition to our existing development programs, Turning Point and Turning Point 2.0, we now offer a high performance program, Turning Point HP, designed for elite adult and junior teams looking to compete at the national and international level.

Unique in its design, the Turning Point concept encompasses the “whole athlete, whole team” approach, integrating the coach in all training activities. Coach education has always been an important element of our programming, and as we expand to include high performance team development, coach development will continue to be a major focus. Our staff is tailored to the needs of the participating teams and teams have the opportunity to request specific topics and areas of expertise. Forums with staff coaches and visiting coaches have proven to be very valuable aspect of our program. We are excited to announce that Earle Morris, Coach of Team Canada (Pat Simmons) has joined the Turning Point Team. Earle brings a wealth of expertise and contagious enthusiasm. Like all of Turning Points staff coaches, he is passionate about developing curlers from the youth to elite level. 

The Turning Point curriculum is based around the philosophy that strong fundamentals, hard workquality practice and high functioning team dynamics produces great teams. At Turning Point, strong technique, quality feedback and repetition are the cornerstones of our teaching.

In addition to the technical and tactical elements of the game, Turning Point places high emphasis on sport psychology, nutrition and physical preparation. A highly qualified mental trainer and physiotherapist are available to teams participating in our programs. 

Banner image by Michael Burns