The more advanced 2.0 curriculum will give individuals, Junior teams and their coaches the opportunity to fine-tune and expand their curling skills and knowledge. Teams will receive advanced instruction with top coaches and instructors.

Thanks so much to Donalda, and all the staff at Turning Point, and the Lakeshore Curling Club for a fantastic two days of fun and great curling learning! Cally Moore, Cassidy Currie, Alexa Purcell and Emma Bedard all had a great time, and I think the kids learned a ton! Looking forward to applying all the new things we learned this season!
— Rob Moore, Coach


  • Delivery Skill Analysis

  • Game Situation Analysis

  • Brushing Skills & Communication

  • Practice Planning

  • Weight Control & Brushing

  • Strategy & Tactics Workshop

  • Physical Training

  • Team Dynamics & Mental Skills Training

  • Goal Setting

  • Game Plans & End Plans

Banner image by Andrew Klaver