Our services have always been 100% customizable to suit our clients needs. We offer everything from pre-developed day clinics and camps, to customized season-long private training for Olympic hopefuls. We work with individual athletes, teams and coaches, or the entire membership of a client club or association.

We’ve delivered programming all over Nova Scotia and across the Atlantic Region, and as far away as Denver, Colorado and Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. We love it when curlers from around the world travel to us to attend our camps , but we’re just as happy to go them, anywhere in the world!

The Turning Point curriculum is based around the philosophy that strong fundamentals, hard work, quality practice and high functioning team dynamics produces great teams. At Turning Point, strong technique, quality feedback and repetition are the cornerstones of our teaching.

In addition to the technical and tactical elements of the game, Turning Point places high emphasis on sport psychology, nutrition and physical preparation. A highly qualified, professional mental performance consultant and physiotherapist are available to the participants in our programs. All Turning Point coaches are NCCP certified with many years of experience playing and/or coaching at the highest levels of competition.

Available Camp and Clinic Sessions


  • Delivery

  • Video Analysis

  • Line of Delivery

  • Grips, Turns, Release and Rotations

  • Game Situation Analysis

  • Curling Drills/Practice

  • Brushing Skills

  • Brushing and Measuring Effectiveness – Instrumented Broom

  • Rock Timing and Weight Control


  • Intro to Mental Preparation

  • Team Dynamics

  • Pre-Performance Routines

  • Performance Under Pressure

  • Nutrition for Maximum Performance

  • Strategy and Scoreboard Management

  • Physical Readiness and Conditioning

  • Planning Effective and Efficient Practices

  • Goal Setting & Season Planning

  • Player Roles and Responsibilities

Banner image by Andrew Klaver