Highly trained and accomplished Turning Point Coaches will provide instruction on all aspects of the game. We can come to your local club, or arrange for the use of a curling facility in the location of your choice.

When we approached Donalda about working with our team in the 2014-2015 season, we were not sure if she would be interested in working with ladies of a “certain age” - especially since we had come to the sport at a later age than most people would start. However, we cannot say enough about what a help she has been to us, both as a team and individually. She is a talented teacher/coach who can individualize her instruction to the specific needs of different players on a team. As well, given that our styles might not be described as “classic” and that we are not as flexible as we might have been 30 years ago, she was able to help us “fine-tune” our skill development to maximize our improvement in the sport. We left every session with suggestions about our practices, our team play, and our mental approach to the game. Her patience, encouragement, and technical knowledge was of great motivation for our team, and we ALWAYS left the sessions imbued with her positive attitude.
— Team Williams, Competitive Master’s Ladies Team

Banner image by Andrew Klaver